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Sized for fast growing or established larger colonies, with a volume exceeding that of three Langstroth Deep Boxes, our Long Hive is one of five of Lambrecht Horizontal Hives, which all use our Universal Hexagonal Smart Frames.  

The Lambrecht Long Hive has a capacity of approximately 7600 cubic inches (126 litres) and offers lots of versatility when it comes to set up. Comes with four entrances with adjustable stainless steel disks and is set up to accept multiple divider boards, which means you can partition this hive into 4 @ 7 frame nuc sized chambers or 2 standard ones. Shared divider walls allow adjacent colonies share warmth.

If you don't mind drilling a handful of holes, this Long Hive can also be set up as a Horizontal Queen Castle with up to eight chambers, each with its own entrance.  This Long Hive is also right sized for a two queen system with shared central honey production.

The primary goal of this design is to produce conditions optimum for sustainable overwintering of honeybee colonies in order to prepare for strong spring growth. 

Handmade from 7/8" Cypress w/ Exterior Oil  -  Inner + outer cover = 1 1/2"

Available in:    Standard - exterior size =  40" x  14"  x 16" ht  
                          & Deep - exterior size =  40" x 16 1/4" x 18" ht

Hives include (appropriately sized) 4 @ 7 cartons
(21 total) of our Universal Hexagonal Smart Frames
(easy assembly by hand required - no tools needed)

Divider and Follower Boards available

  • Constructed of Clear, Kiln-Dried Cypress 7/8" thick with interlocking knuckle joints secured by 1 1/2" stainless steel screws (glue optional). 
  • Professionally machined wooden ware for easy-to-assemble Honeycomb Hive
  • Nuc Box with removable gable-vented Cypress Shingle Roof
  • Removable Inner Roofs, 7 Frames & Base. 
  • Available in two sizes -
  1. Standard:    13" height x 12" width x 14" depth
  2. Deep           18" height x 16" width x 14" depth
How It Works?

Parts included

  • Ends, Bottoms, Sides and Tops for (1) HcH Nuc Box
  • All parts for 7) Hexagonal Frames for Natural Comb 
  • Parts and Stainless Hardware for Hexagonal Hive Base 
  • One Stainless Steel Adjustable Bee Entrance Disk. 
  • Bees NOT Included

Step-by-Step instructions.   

How do these Honeycomb Hives' Nuc Boxes Work?