Honeycomb Hive’s secret sauce and main differentiation, other than design, is the Smart-Frame System. This is what makes our beekeeping system so remarkably integrative. Crafted to allow 3/8” bee space around, below and above, these deep hexagonal frames allow bees freedom and choice for easy movement.  Additionally, they improve air circulation and help reduce propolis. 

Our universal Hexagonal Smart-Frames accept either wax or plastic foundation, or you can insert wax starter strips for natural comb. We also offer hexagonal frames for comb honey cups or queen-excluders. Together with follower boards and divider boards, these hive tools comprise our Smart-Frame System and are exchangeable among all our five sizes of Hexagonal Horizontal Hives.

Our Universal Hexagonal Smart-Frames are also easier and quicker to work with at the bench. When installing foundation, the frames easily assemble to fully encompass foundation, whether wax or plastic so it is fully supported all the way around.  Holes in each of the six frame parts allow wiring for extra support.

All Smart-Frames also feature knurled-knob adjustable spacers to allow beeks to tweak their frame spacing with a twist of the wrist.  Whether for small cell work, brood boxes, overwintering or honey production, frame spacing adjustments are easy-peasy and no tools are needed.  (variable from 1  1/8”  to  1  1/2”)

Smart Frames make efficient use of space in Honeycomb Hives.  Sized just right with bee space for easy bee movement freedom almost 360 degrees around, interrupted only by necessary "ear-tabs".  Smart Frames are available for natural comb (foundation-less), wax or plastic foundation or Comb Honey Cups
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