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Comb Honey Cups
Comb Honey Cups

Comb Honey Cups

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These patent pending Hexagonal Comb Honey Cups were invented by Doug Lambrecht as an easier way to harvest pure  capped comb honey without the messy, sticky work of hand-cutting and packaging cut comb.

This system delivers honey in its' authentic, honey in the comb form, including all nature's intended beneficial compounds, hermetically sealed by the bees' pure cappings wax, until consumers open it.* 
How do these Comb Honey Cups work?

These food-grade PET cups have six sides. Every side has three small tabs or small hole indents. Tabs fit in holes to secure adjacent cups together. This arrangement allows Comb Honey Cups to be firmly attached in patterns to fit in frames specifically configured per hive type.

Once cups are assembled, patterns are enclosed into appropriate frames per hive type. Comb Cup Frames are intended for install front-to-back such that open cups face bottoms so space for bee movement is correct. (set empty frames into hives so open cups face an end board (w/ bee space only), then the rest front-to-back).    

With Comb Honey Cups, bees do most of the work. 

1st, your bees prepare the half-comb depth cups with freshly made honeycomb
2nd, they fill the virgin honeycomb cells with freshly gathered varietal nectar. 
3rd, they fan to reduce its' moisture content to 18 percent to cure it into honey.
4th, they cap the honey with new wax to hermetically seal it. No drips, No mess.

All that's left for you to do is gather your untouched-by-human-hands filled and capped Comb Honey Cups, put the clear lids on (comes with cups) and wrap a label with your contact info around it and share your premium branded product. 

What frames are available for Comb Honey Cups?

In addition to Lambrecht Hives, these cups play nicely with Langstroth Hives (Medium and Deep Frames), Warren Hives (coming soon), Drebbieville Hives (coming soon), and Layens Hives (coming soon). We will also consider Comb Honey Cups frames for other hive types if demand warrants.  Inquire here 


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