Cypress Shingle Roofs
Cypress Shingle Roofs
Cypress Shingle Roofs

Cypress Shingle Roofs

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Honeycomb Hives Cypress Shingle Roofs are available for Standard and Deep Hives and lengths to accommodate Lambrecht Nucs, Orig-Hives, Flex-Hives, Long-Hives and Fold-Hives.

We refer to these Roofs as Universal as they are also designed to fit Langstroth Hives and other hive types. Our Standard size Roofs fit 8 frame Langstroth Hives and our Deep size Roofs fit 10 frame Langstroth Hives.

All our Roofs incorporate Venturi air circulation which naturally vents away excess warm moist air in summer while keeping winter air constantly circulating for better hive health.

We offer three Roof styles: Write-On Ext Plywood Roofs, Gabled Cypress Shingle Roofs and Gabled Cypress Cupola Roofs.  All are offered in telescope slip-fit or hinged versions. Sturdy cam locks are available separately to secure your hives from wind and pests.   

Our Original Gabled Cypress Shingle Roofs are:

Handmade from 7/8" Cypress w/ Tung Oil Finish

Standard - Slip size =  20 1/8" x 14 1/8" x 8" ht  
Deep - Slip size =  20 1/8" x 16 3/8" x 9" ht  

The primary goal of this design is to produce conditions optimum for sustainable overwintering of honeybee colonies in order to prepare for strong spring growth.

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