ABOUT: Lambrecht Hive Company / Honeycomb Hives

Honeycomb Hives is the brainchild of Doug Lambrecht, a NC Mountain farmer and craftsman who decided to explore alternatives to traditional, flat-topped, stacked beehives. Hexagonal Hive design quickly became an obsession that begat several iterative versions that became an innovative beekeeping system.

Lambrecht's choice to vertically orient his hexagonal shaped hives magnifies the circulatory effect air movement due to the shape. This natural air movement also helps manage condensation and deter mold growth. Bottom line is your bees stay warm and dry and spend less energy keeping cluster at 94F, year-round.
It is the efficient thermodynamics of vertically-oriented, prismatic-shaped spaces which encourages Venturi air circulation wherein rising bee-heated warm moist air carries excess humidity out of the hive via vents in the underside of the roof.  

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