Why are Ventilated Gable Roofs better than Flat-Tops for Bee Hives?

How does the hexagon shape of Lambrecht's Hives improve beekeeping?

First off, the hexagonal shape of HcH frames and boxes is obviously familiar to honey bees because they introduced it to humans. For Doug Lambrecht it was their building of honeycomb with vertically oriented hexagonal cells that inspired him to iterate modular hive designs. He refers to their architecture as bee math.

There is also an undeniable eye-candy factor at work as well. As one avid beekeeper put it, "they won't look like a bunch of little coffins out there". These natural cypress hives will improve the view wherever placed, be it garden, farm, rooftop or balcony.  Plus, the unique design doesn't exactly scream beehives. 

But by Lambrecht's way of thinking, there is something far more important at work here: Thermodynamics. Design aside, it is the thermal efficiency of the hexagonal prism shape of these hives than clinched it for him. encourages natural air circulation often referred to as the Venturi effect.  

Bees have been known to die inches away from food stores because they won't break from the cluster. With hexagonal shaped frames there are no right angles and virtually no dead areas or cold corners outside the cluster.

Honeycomb Hives also have a closer ratio of sq inches of comb space to cubic inches of box space so the bees don't have to work quite so hard to optimize the cluster temperature. The proper bee space all around, under and over the frames means easier bee movement and better air circulation.

Importantly, the peaked inner roof lines of these hives prevent condensation from dripping down on bees as it is harmlessly directed down the sides of the hive box and well away from the cluster.

Are Honeycomb Hives compatible with Langstroth or other hive systems?


Honeycomb Hives has recently developed a Lambrecht / Langstroth HYBRID Hive System that allows full compatibility with Langstroth equipment.   Typical rectangular frames can be placed in our Flex or Long hives with special adapters, but only for occasional use to add brood or such. Our hexagonal frames don't work in rectangular hives.