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With a volume slightly larger than a Langstroth Deep, this Lambrecht Original Hexagonal Hive has served as inspiration for other iterations of it and is now one of five of our Horizontal Hives, which all use our Universal Hexagonal Smart Frames.  

This Lambrecht Orig-Hive v5.0 has a volume of approximately 3800 cubic inches (63 litres) and offers set-up flexibility. It comes with one entrance with an adjustable stainless steel entry disk and is set up to accept one divider board, which means you can easily partition it into 2 @ 7 frame nuc sized chambers using a divider (available separately). If you raise queens you can make four chambers by drilling a few more holes and making or ordering divider boards

Sized right for establishing a new package, swarm or split, this hive provides  plenty of room for most first-year colonies.  It's also ideal for beginners and education settings where the hexagonal design focus may enhance learning.

We find this hive easy to manage with a single Follower Board.  When starting a new package, split, or housing a swarm, a good practice is to start the colony with only four or five frames backed by a Follower Board, putting the rest of the empty frames on the other side of it. We found out the hard way that it is better to have empty frames fill the hive than empty space (oops)

When the girls fill out those initial frames, you simply move the Follower Board and add a couple empty frames to the growing brood side.  Worth noting is the queen will rarely venture from the brood area if she has enough laying room. 

Bees love tight quarters but need to also know they have room to grow so they don't feel inclined to swarm. Follower Boards allow them freedom of movement so the colony can explore space on the other side. Kind of like a new family knowing they have extra rooms available for growth so they don't need to move just yet.  

The primary goal of this design is to produce conditions optimum for sustainable overwintering of honeybee colonies in order to prepare for strong spring growth. 

Handmade from 7/8" Cypress w/ Tung Oil Finish 
-  Better insulation = Inner + outer cover = 1 1/2"

Standard - exterior size =  20" x 14" x 16" ht 
-  also fits 8 frame Langstroth Hives
Deep - exterior size =  20" x 16 1/4" x 18" ht 
-  also fits 10 frame Langstroth Hives

Hives include (appropriately sized) 2 @ 7 cartons
(14 total) of HcH Universal Hexagonal Smart Frames
(easy assembly - screwdriver is only tool needed)

Divider and Follower Boards available separately

  • Constructed of Clear, Kiln-Dried Cypress 7/8" thick with interlocking knuckle joints secured by 1 1/2" stainless steel screws (glue optional). 
  • Professionally machined wooden ware for easy-to-assemble Honeycomb Hive
  • Nuc Box with removable gable-vented Cypress Shingle Roof
  • Removable Inner Roofs, 7 Frames & Base. 
  • Available in two sizes -
  1. Standard:    13" height x 12" width x 14" depth
  2. Deep           18" height x 16" width x 14" depth
How It Works?

Parts included

  • Ends, Bottoms, Sides and Tops for (1) HcH Nuc Box
  • All parts for 7) Hexagonal Frames for Natural Comb 
  • Parts and Stainless Hardware for Hexagonal Hive Base 
  • One Stainless Steel Adjustable Bee Entrance Disk. 
  • Bees NOT Included

Step-by-Step instructions.   

How do these Honeycomb Hives' Nuc Boxes Work?