Why are Ventilated Gable Roofs better for Honey Bee Hives?

These attractive roofs fit Lambrecht, Langstroth and other hive types, so we also call them Universal Hive Roofs. 

Honeycomb Hives offers four types of Ventilated Gable Roofs.

1)  Cypress Shingle Ventilated Gable Roofs 

2)  Cypress Shingled Gable Roofs with Cupola Feeder

3)  Exterior Plywood Gable Roofs

4)  Write-On Roofs - Exterior Plywood with ABS Plastic

Ventilated Gable Roofs are available in two sizes and several lengths 

Standard - Our Standard size Roofs fit our HcH Standard Hives and also fits 8 frame Langstroth Hives.

Deep -  Our Deep size fits our Horizontal Deep Hives, our Lamb/Lang Hybrid Hives and also fits standard  10 frame Langstroth Hives. 

Lengths -  Our standard length for roofs is 24” which allows ample overhang for Langstroth and Lambrecht standard Hives.  Other roof lengths are available to fit HcH Queen boxes and Nucs as well as our Flex-Hives, Long-Hives and Fold-Hives in Vented Gable Roof types.

Features and Benefits of Honeycomb Hives Vented Gable Roofs: 

  • HCH Gable roof system incorporates Venturi air circulation which allows moisture to escape in summer and promotes convection air circulation in winter to maintain more constant hive temperature to help bees stay dry.
  • The roofs have telescoping fit or hinged versions that allow easy opening of the roofs.

  • Sturdy cam locks are available to secure from wind and pests.