Hexagonal Smart Frames
Hexagonal Smart Frames
Hexagonal Smart Frames
Hexagonal Smart Frames

Hexagonal Smart Frames

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Honeycomb Hives Universal Hexagonal Smart Frames are the workhorses of Lambrecht's Hive Systems and are used in all his Horizontal Hives and Fold-Hives. Made of clear pine, these frames easily disassemble for quick bench work. There are three parts per frame which go together with half-lap joinery, secured by nylon screws.

The simplicity of these three part frames belies the versatility they actually deliver 

A 1/8" x 3/8" deep continuous groove/slot around the inside of the frame accepts either hexagonal shaped (template provided) foundation (plastic or wax), or wooden slips to make foundationless frames.   

These frames come standard with nylon knurled-knob, threaded screws which both secure the frame parts together and also serve as frame spacers within the hives. These spacers are the length of typical recommended frame spacing of 1 3/8" or, by including a 1/8" washer, the width can be expanded to 1 1/2" often used in honey supers.

Honeycomb Hive Universal Hexagonal Smart Frames come in both Standard and Deep sizes. Frame parts are loose packed with necessary screws, Knurled Spacers and six Wooden Slips per frame for foundationless configuration. Foundation not included. 
Cases contain parts for x 7 frames, also sold in Master Packs of 4 cases = x 28

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